Pathaam Valavu (2022) Bangla Subtitle

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Pathaam Valavu Bangla subtitles download as an SRT file. Pathaam valavu Details: Pathaam valavu is a movie by M. Padmakumar. Who directed more than 20 Malayalam movies in recent years. Binu Adimali, Nisthar Ahmed, Ajmal Ameer are top stars acting. The Malayalam movie got 6.4-star reviews out of 10 stars from 395 users.

Pathaam valavu Review:

A story about child abuse, which we frequently hear about. The movie was presented in a unique way than most of such teledramas currently have. The Writer made the storyline more believable than in most such movies. Suraj Venjaramood’s performance was not enough because Pathaam Valavu was his second. However, we can say that his performances were weaker than in Jana Gana Mana. He served as the pillar. Aditi Ravi gave a decent performance. Indrajit’s performances are moderate and he didn’t receive any more screen time. Because he plays the cops repeatedly in Kurup and Night Drive.

With outstanding actors like Suraj and Indrajith, drama’s intensity is raised to a new level. Those couples make the movie more interesting with their performance. Joju and Dileesh Pothan were reminded of Joseph by the way Suraj and Indrajith were depicting the struggles of their different characters. While this is purely a family drama, Joseph was more of a thriller.

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Final Thoughts

Solomon, a parolee and central figure in Patham Valav, is played by Suraj Venjaramoodu. A police team is dispatched to fetch him back after his parole period has expired and he still hasn’t returned. Sub Inspector M Sethunath (Indrajith Sukumaran), who is in charge of the police, must travel to the hospital to deliver his wife but is assigned this last-minute task. Aditi Ravi, Swasika, Sudheer Karmana, Major Ravi, Nisthar Ahmed, and Ajmal Ameer handled the remaining roles.

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