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These pointless films, which are neither enjoyable nor funny, seem to be lowering the standard of Telugu cinema. Telugu films are following certain foolish Tamil films, where you may observe too many useless and senseless ones that are mass produced. This reminds me of a Sr. Dasari Narayana Rao film from the 1980s in which he played a defense attorney questioning the witness while holding a biscuit packet in his hand and munching on one in front of the judge. Even worse, a Tamil film called Gentleman (in which Arjun starred) adds another slight to the judges by having the judge honor the guilty politician as he enters the courtroom by getting up from his seat.

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A range of international directors Brought up the idea and had a fantastic idea to make a lighthearted courtroom action drama, but the way he carried it out was a big letdown for the film. It appears that Maruthi directed the movie without a well-bound script after nailing down the premise, as seen by the narration style.

While Gopichand dazzles with his fashionable and unbelievably amazing appearance, Maruthi’s repetitive template execution dulls the audience’s attention. In summary, Pakka Commercial is an ordinary commercial drama that lacks a compelling story and a sensible scene structure. If you don’t mind the standard template narrative, Pakka Commercial is only worth watching once.


The teaser for Pakka Commercial, a full-length commercial entertainment starring Gopichand and Raashii Khanna, shows promise. On the same principle, the movie unit marketed it. Gopichand has been absent for a while, but he is now returning to pick up a family entertainer. With the release of Pakka Commercial, he hopes to revive Ranam and Loukyam’s spirit and share it with his audience. Maruthi, who is renowned for giving his audiences non-stop amusement in his movies, is gearing up for yet another enjoyable experience. Since the movie’s premiere today, Telugu viewers have been really loving it and have been laughing continuously. A flawless commercial entertainment was produced by the team of Gopichand and Majority government, with the second quarter

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