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Lightyear Bangla subtitle download in zip format. Lightyear is a movie by Disney and it’s directed by Angus McLane. It’s a 3D cartoon that chartered the toy story’s main character. In this article, you can download the Bangla subtitles for the LightYear movie.

It’s not an awful movie. It’s not good, though. It falls flat comedically. I barely seldom laughed, and nearly always at the cat. The majority of my audience laughed along with the jokes, while a few made me wrinkle my shoulders.

It is an ineffective sci-fi film. It presents us with the most elementary kid-friendly rendition of a number of sci-fi ideas lifted from earlier films like Interstellar. And if you give it more than a few seconds of research, so much of it seems absurd. A terrific combat sequence and a few more action-packed scenes were included, but overall I found the action to be uninteresting.

Lightyear Bangla subtitle

Okay, I’ll admit it: I’m not impressed as a fan of the Toy Story movies and the Buzz Lightyear of Star Command cartoon (which Pixar despises so much that they produced this movie to retcon it). Although I am aware of the debate, I won’t focus on it because it has already received excessive attention from others (as it was a cut scene Disney reinstated as a form of protest). While I like Chris Evans’ performance as Buzz (he is a perfect match for Tim Allen and Patrick Warburton), my biggest criticism of the movie is that it falls short of the caliber that Pixar has established with movies like Luca, Turning Red, and Up.

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