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Kaduva Bangla subtitles download. Kaduva doesn’t provide a lot of activities. The story has been told several times previously. It’s probable that Shaji Kailas thought that using a blue lens flare would suggest that he had moved beyond conventional filmmaking. Nothing in this movie makes you want to applaud, shout, or shiver. This covers the dialogue, performances, direction, score, and cinematography. They want the audience to applaud them because they think they have created a special moment. Another issue is everyone’s lack of character development. No character on the screen has any depth or space. The magnificence of Kuriachan is declared rather than shown.

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The language portraying a kid with special needs as a curse or as the result of their parents or their ancestors’ sins as a result of karma was the first and predominant aspect of the film that disturbed me.

In my opinion, a movie shouldn’t provide the public with such a message. Additionally, the majority of the characters’ dubbing was out of rhythm in some fashion. Additionally, several of the mass action sequences were overly forced, making it difficult for the viewer to connect with the main character as a hero.

After two and a half hours, this Kuruvachan man fought with every police officer, exhausting us in the process. Gives one policeman unneeded advice, which upsets him, and he begs his mother to substitute her promise for an absurd piano. When he was younger, he gave a policeman a hard thrashing, and the officer’s son later showed up to get retribution. It is hoped that the son of the future x IG will return in the following part, together with the son of the police officer who was beaten in this part, to exact retribution for beating his father and grandpa.

However, it’s gratifying to witness a good movie in Malayalam as well while cheering for the popular ones in Tamil and Telugu. a 1990s-set movie produced with modern methods and methods. So don’t hold out for anything else! Just adi idi thozhi super! (Kicks, Slaps, and Punches). Approximately 6 action scenes, to be exact! So let’s give thanks to Shaji Kailas, Prithvi, and Magic Frames for reviving the genre of mass entertainment. (This is coming from a fan who also appreciates these films. Those who don’t should refrain from watching because they will undoubtedly be disappointed!) Let me also add that this film isn’t much better than the director’s earlier successes, such as The King, Commissioner, or Aaram Thampuran.

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