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The way the entire movie is constructed and filmed gives the impression that it was shot in one long take. But since 85% of the moves were rather ridiculous, you can tell there were many cuts in the movie. It was a Hardcore Henry-style film with more action, but the editing was not great. Lots of poor CGI and green screens, but it doesn’t bother me. I thought the action scenes were rather wild and awesome. Although some individuals might find the camerawork bothersome. But the continual one-take effort, jostled around by the camera work effect, ruins the entire production. The film’s camera technique is comparable to a blend of the handheld shaky cam footage from the Blair Witch Project and Kingsman: The Secret Service.

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Final Thoughts

Although there are points when the edits are clearly obvious, I respect the effort put forth in Carter, a highly ambitious movie that was shot entirely in one take. The action in this film overshadows the story, but the camera work is simply amazing, so even though it’s the major reason you’ll watch it, it delivers on that promise. As a filmmaker myself, it is obvious that this was not an easy movie to produce and shoot, and although I believe this film has its share of mistakes, I think the whole crew that worked on it accomplished something remarkable.

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