bheemla nayak bangla subtitle

bheemla nayak bangla subtitle

The directing of AK, more so than the plot, is what makes it a terrific movie, especially with an actor like Pawan Kalyan. The best approach to ruin a cult film is to recreate it with a famous actor; this will ruin AK to a large extent (by 90 percent; Biju Menon plays a crucial part in the film).

By turning the movie into a typical Telugu mass masala movie starring Pawan Kalyan, Trivikram essentially stole the movie’s spirit.

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Don’t ruin the cult movies if you want to produce a movie only for the fans or for PK to make money out of it. It’s disappointing to see that even directors, like Trivikram, can ruin a film by adding pointless elevation scenes.

Apparently, prior to the film’s release, many predicted that Pawan Kalyan’s part would increase significantly to give him more authority, but I am pleased that the director and screenwriter both invested high-quality care in creating and presenting them in the film. Both processes took almost the same time, and sentiments were positive. Finally, the movie will be a hit with everyone, not just aficionados.

However, those who still choose to watch the movie will undoubtedly find it enjoyable. Because every aspect of the movie—including the music, backdrop, music direction, conversation, and everything else—is included. Especially strong screen presence in leading parts.

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