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One of the most popular shows in the world, Dirilis Ertugrul (Resurrection: Ertugrul), a TRT series starring Engin Altan Duzyatan, portrays Oruc Reis in the new series, amassed six billion YouTube views in the previous year alone. According to Riyaad Minty, Director of Digital TRT Network, After the great worldwide success of our blockbuster program Dirilis Ertugrul we’ve witnessed a huge demand from our fans throughout the world for high-quality Turkish dramas from TRT.

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Pelin Akil, who will play Isabel, the proprietor of a Venetian inn in Alexandria, said she was preoccupied with her twins and had just wrapped up another television series when she received the offer for the job. She exclaims, “I’m always excited by period plays.” “Isabel meets Oruc and works with him on a project. She is hunting for her brother at the same time. Though I shouldn’t provide too many spoilers,” she grins. “People are in for a feast; we have a fantastic cast.” The answer from Karaca, who chuckles when asked how many seasons there will be, is, “We would want to continue for as long as possible!” He reveals that they have already shot seven episodes and that they will continue filming through June.

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